ESTIS is a multi-language, Information System (IS) management tool to assist the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST). ESTIS encompasses two integrated components providing a decentralized IT network for improved access and local control in EST related information transfer. The ESTIS concept has been driven by an international group of people dedicated to EST transfer for sustainability.

Builder Community
ESTIS Builder
Build your own Web site
Allows users to build their own customized Web site (English and/or national language) to manage and publish their EST information on the Internet.
ESTIS Community
Share EST resources
Allow ESTIS Builder users to form an Internet community to share EST resources automatically populated by technology records from individual ESTIS sites.

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A sample of some of the sites built with ESTIS Builder and Community:

Sites (AR, EN) (FR) (EN) (ZH) (JA)

Communities (AR, EN) (EN) (EN)

Explore how easy it is to build your ESTIS site with these short videos:

How does it work?
How do I make a page?
How do I edit a page?
How do I use my own images with my ESTIS site?
How can I use the ESTIS image library?
How do I add links to my menu?
How do I change the look and feel of my ESTIS site?
How do I change my password?
How do I let other people edit my ESTIS site?
Where can I get ESTIS help?