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This new meeting meeting report, published by UNEP with the support of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), aims to improve understandings of the evaluation of environmental impacts in life cycle assessment and to encourage the applications of the presented approaches in both industry and government decision-making.

96 pages
Language: English
ISBN 92-807-2144-5
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This publication is a follow-up to the report "Life Cycle Assessment: what it is and how to do it". It provides a concise review of the current status of the theory and practice of LCA, and discusses the barriers to - and the potential for - its wider application.

71 pages
Language: English
ISBN 92-807-1740-5

LCA is a 'cradle to grave' method of assessing environmental impact. It is an analysis which covers the entire life cycle of a product or function, from the extraction and processing of the raw materials needed to make the product to its recycling and disposal.