ECA enforcement network meeting 2009 & regional Green Customs workshop in Budapest, Hungary, 12-16 October 2009

OzonAction Programme of UNEP’s Division on Technology, Industry & Economics jointly with the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Customs Service of Hungary jointly organised the first meeting of the Regional Enforcement Network for European & Central Asian countries in Budapest, Hungary on 12-14 October 2009.

The meeting was part of the regional project “Initiating regional cooperation to enforce ODS trade controls in ECA network countries”, herein after referred to as “ECA Regional Enforcement Network”. The 57th Meeting of the Executive Committee approved the first tranche of the project in March 2009 for Czech Republic and UNEP which is in charge of project implementation and reporting.

The project is utilizing the framework of the Regional Ozone Network for Europe & Central Asia (ECA network) for initiating regional cooperation between customs and ozone officers in ECA network countries and ODS exporting countries (including China, Russia and European Union) in order to prevent illegal trade in ODS.

The main activities under the project are:

1. Annual meetings to initiate regional cooperation among customs and ozone officers
2. Virtual conference with involved countries and stakeholder to review the implementation status
3. Participation in informal Prior Informed Consent mechanism
4. Cooperation with other regional enforcement networks especially in SA and SEAP regions
5. Adaptation of ODS enforcement tools and case studies on best practices in law enforcement
6. Desk-study analyzing discrepancies of import & export data
7. Setting up a regional website (bilingual English / Russian) as an information exchange, communication and knowledge management platform including contents management

The regional meeting under this project was organized back-to-back with regional Green Customs workshops to promote synergies in line with Decision XVII/16 which encourages further work on the Green Customs initiative of UNEP in combating illegal trade in controlled ozone-depleting. Czech Republic agreed to fund (outside MLF) the regional Green Customs workshop back-to-back with the regional meeting of customs and ozone officers in 2009.

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